Foreword                                                                                                                                   IX


Sustainability science


Analythical Hierarchy Process (AHP) in decision–making

for end-of-life of products                                                                                                           5

Aurora Dimache, Laurentiu Dimache & Kate Goggin


The development of a sustainable development model framework                                               15

Alim P. Hannoura, Gianna M. Cothren & Wael M. Khairy


Bringing sustainability science to water basin management                                                           21

Jurgen Schmandt


Thai culture and water regionalism in conceptualisation of

sustainable future                                                                                                                      29

Darko Radovic & Davisi Boontharm


The ethical perspective of water: dilemmas and future challenges                                                39

Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman & Olli Varis


Sustainable development after Johannesburg and Iraq: the global situation and

the cases of Slovenia and Croatia                                                                                             53

Robert Blinc, Aleksander Zidanšek & Ivo Šlaus

Evaluation of energy systems


Some problems of development of combined generation of

electricity and heat in Russia                                                                                                    67

Yuri A. Zeigarnik


An assessment of the potential benefits from integrated electricity capacity planning

in the northern Middle East region                                                                                           75

Farqad AlKhal, Riad Chedid, Zeina Itani & Tony Karam


A novel Kalina cycle in power generation - study case:

Research and exploitation geothermal Well IB – 10, Ilidza, Sarajevo                                       85

Emin Kulic, Alija Lekic & Haris Lulic


Improvement of the cogeneration plant economy by using heat accumulator                            97

Zeljko Bogdan & Damir Kopjar


Feasibility study and energy efficiency estimation of binary geothermal

power station based on medium enthalpy water                                                                     105

Wladyslaw Nowak & Aleksandra Borsukiewicz-Gozdur


Technical and economical aspects of waste heat utilisation

by different frame conditions                                                                                                  113

Slawomir Smolen & Marzena Budnik-Rodz


Sustainability assessment of co-generation sector development in Croatia                               123

Marko Lipošćak, Naim H. Afgan, Neven Duić & Maria da Graça Carvalho


Energy conservation and efficiency – a way to sustainability                                                    133

Lidia Maurovic, Daria Karsalihovic & Igor Dekanic


A method for the long–term scheduling of power system with

multiple user reservoirs                                                                                                          139

Elis Sutlovic, Matislav Majstrovic & Ivan Sarajcev


Local resource management as a basis to provide community

based electrical power supply in accordance to ensure

sustainable energy                                                                                                                   145

Tri Mumpuni Wiyatno


Towards sustainable power from coal: two decades of on-load
detonation-wave boiler cleaning in a coal-fired power plant                                                     153

Izet Smajević & Kemal Hanjalić


A study of solar heating and radiative cooling of water                                                            165

Igor Balen, Vladimir Soldo & David Kennedy


Problems of diversification of energy sources in Poland against the

background of EC requirements policy                                                                                   175

Barbara Radwanek-Bak


Thermodynamic analysis of the flow process utilization in

heat flow waste machines                                                                                                       183

Vyacheslav Theodorovich Volov


Recycling of wood waste as sustainable industrial resources –

FGM wood-based board for energy saving floor heating system                                            193

Yoshihiro Obata, Kozo Kanayama, Kazutoshi Takeuchi & Naho Soma


Municipal solid waste incineration – contribution to

sustainable development of energy and environment                                                              203

Zdena Zsigraiová, Gilberto Tavares, Viriato Semiăo & Maria da Graça Carvalho


Renewable energy and the need for local energy markets                                                      215

Frede Hvelplund


More efficient use of wind energy for reduction of brine volumes                                           225

Jack Gilron, Yigal Volkmann, Roman Savleyev & Ora Kedem


Regional planning of small hydro power plants construction                                                  235

Hubert Bašić


Wind energy development as a part of Poland's industrial development                                 241

Dagmara Stoerring & Frede Hvelplund



Evaluation of water systems


Coastal water quality monitoring: how can it contribute to sustainable

development of Holbox Island, Mexico                                                                                  255

Kim Chi Tran, David Valdes, Jorge Herrera & Jorge Euan


Integrated analysis and simulation of water and energy systems                                               265

Luis Alberto Herrero, Luis Serra, Javier Uche, Antonio Valero,

 Jose Antonio Turegano & Cesar Torres


Application of groundwater monitoring in management of pedunculate oak

forests in Croatia                                                                                                                     275

Ivan Pilaš, Boris Vrbek & Damir Medak


Efficient energy consumption in water supply company                                                             285

Thor Henning Gulbrandsen, Feliksas Zinevicius & Gerardas Žukauskas


Analysis of water demand management                                                                                   295

Dragutin Geres


Adjusted genuine saving and water – a measure of sustainability                                              305

Holger Schlör


Measuring and enhancing sustainability through effective

watershed management decisions                                                                                           315

Ahmed Said, David K. Stevens, Terry Glover, Darwin L. Sorensen,

Gerald Sehlke, Thomas Hardy & Wynn Walker


Educational material for school children about integrated

water resources management                                                                                                  325

Maria-Angelica Alegria



Evaluation of environment systems


Renewable energy sources usage in Romania diminishing the negative

impact over the environment                                                                                                   335

Liviu I. Dragos, Nicolae Scarlat & Andreea Iancu


Qualitative aspects of sustainability in a green society                                                               347

Manuela Sarmento, Diamantino Durăo & Manuela Duarte


Green products and clean environment opportunities for companies                                         357

Manuela Sarmento, Diamantino Durăo & Manuela Duarte


Examples of CO2 reduction opportunities in the pulp and

paper industry based on process integration measures                                                            365

Cecilia Bengtsson & Thore Berntsson


Limits to CDM and joint implementation                                                                                375

Henrik Lund


An environmental LCA of alternative scenarios of urban sewage

sludge treatment and disposal                                                                                                 385

Mario Tarantini, Patrizia Buttol & Lorenzo Maiorino


Activated carbon for environment application                                                                        395

Georgeta Predeanu, Petre Albăstroiu, Silviu Lambescu,

Valerica Slăvescu, Nicolae Ticleanu & Gavril Baican



Technology processes for sustainable development


Experimental investigation of the effect of the dimension

of a localised heat source on the natural convection in square enclosures                             405

Barbara Calcagni & Massimo Paroncini


Influence of oxygen content in purge gas

on the thermal degradation process of biomass                                                                      413

Janusz Nowakowski


Catalytic cracking over HY zeolites

of  polypropylene/light cycle oil blends                                                                                  421

José M. Arandes, Javier Ereńa, Miren J. Azkoiti, Raúl Garońa & Javier Bilbao


Life Cycle Assessment of MSF, MED and RO desalination technologies                             431

Gemma Raluy, Luis Serra & Javier Uche


Trafic noise levels prediction and management                                                                      445

Saad Abo-Qudais, Khair S. Jadaan, Maha Abu-Hadba &  Arwa Alhiary


The use of oil shale activated residue for

the removal of phenolic compounds from waste water                                                          451

Sameer Al-Asheh, Fawzi Banat & Asmahan Masad


Improvement of a reverse osmosis desalination process

through integration with a CHP system                                                                                  459

Angela Bona, Chiara Ciano, Vittorio Verda, Michele Calí,

Luis Serra & Javier Uche


Application of passive radiative cooling for dew condensation                                                471

Daniel Beysens, Marc Muselli, Iryna Milimouk, Catherine Ohayon,

Simon M. Berkowicz, Emmanuel Soyeux, Marina Mileta & Pascal Ortega


Author index                                                                                                                        481


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