Session: Cogeneration and Sustainable Development
Session organizers: Prof. M. Darwish

1."Cogeneration Increase Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina "
A. Lekic, S. Hadziefendic, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. "Multi-effect Boiling System- An energy viewpoint"
M.A. Darwish, Faisak Juwayhel, H. Kamal,Kuwait University, Kuwait

3."The Grenoble PREDIS Platform for the Optimization of Cogeneration and Sustainable Energy Development "
R. Vidil,University of Grenoble, France

4."Urban Heat Plant: Production and Distribution of Energy in Grenoble"
George Braud, ISERGIE / GRENOBLE, France

5."Design of a Solar- Assisted- Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Desalination Unit For Remote Areas in the UAE"
A.M. Helal, S.A. Al-Malek and C.P. Sevilla, Water and Power Research Center ,Abu Dhabi- UAE

6."A Combined Power Cycle with Absorption Air Conditioning"
Osamah Al-Hawaj, And Hamad Al-Mutairi*,College Of Engineering, Kuwait Univesity, Kuwait